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About us

Enjoy Not Only Tasty
But Also Fresh Food

Klub Mix is a Restaurant, an Event Venue and soon to be a Book Lounge.

Here at Klub Mix, we are trying to create an altogether slightly different experience for you. We keep low stock of food and research about cooking style so we can provide the food somewhat Healthy & Fresh.

As a Big and Clean place, Klub Mix is very much loved as a party hosting place. Also only the space is rentable for Seminars, Trainings, Workshops, Ceremonies, Shows etc.

We will also make it a Book Reading and Selling Place soon.

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Our amazing services

Excellent food

At Klub Mix, you will enjoy fresh food in a very comfortable environment. Here the staffs are very friendly and always smiling warmly at you ready to make your experience as good as possible.

Event Venue

It’s a very good place to host events like parties, get-togethers, small concerts, musical night etc. The space is also rented for all kinds of ceremonies, seminars, trainings, workshops, shows etc.

Book Lounge

Book, fresh food, cozy & calm environment – It’s heavenly for many, right? We are adding this feature to the space very soon.

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If you want to reserve a table in our restaurant, contact us and we will attend you quickly.